Lewis Court High School



A warm welcome to St. Angela & Year 2.

Mr. Howe and Ms. Davies

  Updated: September 2019

Due to GDPR regulations, we are unable to give out the names of children in our class to other children or parents. However children are free to ask other children for the spellings for their own names at break times and at other non-teaching times.


Y2 Bands is what we assess your child's progress against. A complete list of these bands and what you can do to help your child at home with is found here on this link.



PE is on Tuesday and Thursday. Ensure your child has both the indoor and outdoor correct PE kits available from Monday morning and brought home on Friday evening each week. As the winter is drawing in (sadly) Please give your child warm clothes to wear if PE sessions are held outside.


Reading journals: Please ensure that one task is completed each week. They are checked from Wednesday each week. This should be in addition to reading with your child for at least 20 minutes per day at home. A great tip! Ask lots of questions about the book, chapter, or page of reading. Who?? What?? When?? Why?? Where?? 

Other great ways to encourage your child to engage fully with the reading is to ask their opinion on the book and what might happen next... 


Home Learning: Home learning is assigned on a Friday and due back on Wednesday. It comprises one written piece of work, one piece of maths on a sheet. Active Learn tasks are assigned online also weekly. These online pieces are corrected and add further maths challenge in a safe, fun online environment. 



SwimmiPlease remember to sign the permission slips and return to school when they are given out via your child.


School trips: If there is any adults able to assist with out of school trips during the year. Can you let Mr. Howe know ahead of time as he will be able to facilitate trips based on adult helpers. Key Stage 1 children need more adult supervision on trips; as a result of this it would be helpful to have a list of parents who are able to join us ahead of time.


A brief overview of what your child will be studying this half term. 

This term: