Lewis Court High School

Home Learning


Dear Children and Parents,

Please see respective year group pages under classes for your weekly planning.

Below is a list of useful websites for further home learning.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Paul Moriarty


Accessing Google Classroom via PS4 or xBox



LGFL Resources:

Fossils & Dinosaurs - http://dinosaurs.lgfl.org.uk/

Space Adventures - http://sa.lgfl.org.uk/

Maths In the Real World – http://mitrw.lgfl.org.uk/

Significant People & Events - http://sig.lgfl.org.uk/

Explore Geography - http://geo.lgfl.org.uk/

Grammar Explained - http://grammar.lgfl.org.uk/

Maths at Home - http://mathsathome.lgfl.org.uk/

Reading Zone Live – http://readingzonelive.lgfl.org.uk/

Fairy Tales - http://fairytales.lgfl.org.uk/

Mult-e-Maths - http://multemaths.lgfl.org.uk/

Switched on Science - http://sos.lgfl.org.uk/

The Romans in London - http://romans.lgfl.org.uk/

The Tudors in London - http://romans.lgfl.org.uk/

Prehistoric Britain - http://prehistoric.lgfl.org.uk/

History of Computing - http://hoc.lgfl.org.uk/