Lewis Court High School

Ethos, Vision and Values

Light, Life, Love


Light shows us the way

Life is the way

Love is the glue that holds everything together


Our children are very familiar with our Mission statement however we wanted to drill down to what it actually means to us and how it impacts on our lives. Each child gave their thoughts in words and pictures and together, from the whole school’s contributions, we have a clear representation.


Thank you in particular to Michael Soji, Sophie Lopez Jurado, Michelle Winner, Simona Pospisilova & Alfredo Tinajero-Webster for their words and Khea Mitchell for her imagery. 


Light shows us the way
Jesus’ light guides us to the path that leads to God.

Life is the way
God created us for a reason: to serve Him, through serving one another.

Love is the glue that holds everything together.
Love creates a stronger bond between us, holding us together as a Catholic family.


Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” 

(John 14:6)


Our Mission in Good Shepherd is:

  • To show Christian love for one another
  • To be attentive to one another
  • To treat every person and every creature with loving respect and fairness
  • To live our lives following Jesus’ example
  • To work in partnership with families and the community to enable everyone to grow to their fullest
  • To see the wonder of God’s creation and the goodness in humanity
  • To understand and embrace our role as global citizens
  • To promote and live out our responsibilities and rights as ambassadors of Christ.