Lewis Court High School


  • George Odeleye - Chair
  • Simone De-Roche - Vice -chair
  • Eugene O’Boyle - Vice -chair
  • Sarah Kwofie
  • Ayomide Ogundare
  • Mary Caballero
  • Jean Wilson
  • Michelle Miller-Cox
  • Lisa De Souza

Daniel Hudson is the Clerk to the Governors

Senior Member of Leadership Team

Governors' Details

Structure of Governing Board

Governors Attendance at Meetings

Governors' Declarations of Interest

What does the Governing Body do?

Our governing body is established to oversee the running, management and leadership of our school.

Our governing body includes:

  • governors appointed by Lewisham Council
  • the Headteacher
  • teacher/support staff governors
  • community or co-opted governors
  • parent governors

Parent governors are elected by the parents of our school and normally serve for four years. Staff governors are elected by staff and normally serve for four years. Co-opted governors are invited onto the governing body, by the governing body, to add areas of expertise and to represent the local community.

The governing body is responsible for many important decisions in the running of the school.

These include:

  • appointing the Senior Leadership Team and the teaching staff
  • agreeing the aims of the school curriculum and ensuring the national curriculum is implemented
  • determining how the school’s budget is to be used each year
  • producing the school prospectus
  • deciding what charges should be made for activities outside normal school hours
  • dealing with official complaints and exclusions

You can contact the governing body by writing to the chair of governors via the school office. Our governors are pleased to hear about thoughts, ideas and issues that staff and parents would like discussed by the governing body. Individual governors can be contacted via the school office.

Full governing body meetings are held once a term in the evening. The agenda for the meeting includes items from the Local Authority, directives and initiatives from the Government and school-based concerns.