Lewis Court High School


At Good Shepherd, we’re proud to have been awarded ‘Gold Level Accreditation’ from STARS, Transport for London’s accreditation scheme for London schools and nurseries.  STARS represents Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe.

The accreditation scheme is designed to encourage families to ditch the car and use alternative forms of transport to get children to and from school.  In so doing, the aim is to help reduce significantly the number of carbon emissions, congestion and pollution that cars bring, but also improve road safety and health and wellbeing.   

To help maintain our gold level status, we regularly remind our families, usually through our weekly newsletters, to think about other forms of travel, from cycling, bus, train, scooter to the numerous benefits that simple walking can offer

Please help us retain our Gold status by supporting our aspirations to see more and more of our children coming to school in ways that keep car travel to a minimum.