Lewis Court High School

We asked...you answered

September 2022



Scooters and Bicycles

As we were repurposing different storage areas, we came across scooters and bicycles that were unused. After keeping some for use in school time, there were still a few left over. We felt that some of our families might benefit as it was better for the children to use them than for us just to store them. We asked who would like a free bicycle or scooter.

48 of our families responded saying that they would be interested in a free scooter or bike.

As a result, 6 KS1 children and 5 KS2 have new bikes or scooters to play on.


Year 6 School Journey

Last year's Year 6 parents suggested that they would have liked a 5 day residential for their children. Some of this year's Year 6 parents felt the same. Because of the cost of living increases and the fact that we want all of our Year 6 children to participate, we researched the cost of the 3 day school journey and the 5 day option before asking the parents.

5 out of 11 families said that they only preferred the 3 day option. Based on the fact that was 17% of the class and we knew that many of our Free School Meal families hadn't responded, we felt that we needed to go with the cheaper option to make it affordable for all.

As a result, we have booked a 3 day residential.


July 2022


Class report feedback

After sending home our new style class reports, we asked what you thought about the content of the report itself.

Over 95% of responses were happy with the report. Of the 30 written comments, 90% were positive with 3 having points for improvement.

Comments included:

'I believe X has worked hard this year. And the report says it all.'

'The report was clear and I know what X needs to do in year 5 to get better results.'

'To continue with the weekly homework especially maths online homework. This helped X to improve greatly in his mathematics.'

'I'm very happy with X's progress and want to say thank you to all her teachers for the good work. God bless'

'We would like to say THANK YOU to the teacher and teacher assistant for all the work they did.'

'I am delighted with their reports.'

'More room for improvement'

'It was great to hear how they have progressed throughout the year and be aware of areas of development.'

'X is improving and we are happy about that though she still complains about her mathematics but I believe she will catch up completely. Thanks to the entire staff members for the good job you all are doing. God bless you all and bless Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School. Amen.'

As a result, we will keep the format but also communicate more with parents of children who have SEN so we work together more closely.


Class Saint

Our Faith Ambassadors chose the possible saints for Year 1 who they felt would be people who could inspire the children. They  narrowed down their choices with Fr John and then the prospective Year 1 parents voted.

Surprisingly, they were tied so the Faith Ambassadors had the casting vote.

As a result, the Year 1 class is named after St Monica.