Lewis Court High School

School Improvement Plan

Key Areas for Development 2023-24



Main priorities

Catholic Life and Mission,

Religious Education

Collective Worship

· To develop reflective and deep thinkers who can confidently articulate their faith and the impact it has on their lives

· To embed sustainable child-led Collective Worship

· To  develop a programme to further enhance the life and mission of the school by involving the wider community

Quality of Education

Behaviour and Attitudes

Personal Development

Leadership and Management

Early Years

· To narrow the gap between pupil outcomes in reading, writing and maths so that a significant majority reach age expectations in reading, writing and maths combined

· To enhance the quality of the teaching of writing across the curriculum

· To ensure that our curriculum reflects the children and is fit for purpose

· To secure good attendance (of at least 96%) and tackle persistent absence

· To ensure there is a positive and consistent approach to behaviour across the school

· To develop pupils’ confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves safe, mentally healthy and are prepared for modern life

· To help children manage their emotions

· To grow effective subject leaders and further develop teachers’ subject expertise and pedagogical knowledge

· To continue to be committed to inclusion by ensuring that the curriculum is successfully adapted, designed and developed to meet the needs of all pupils, including those with SEND

· To develop children’s oracy skills

· To improve GLD outcomes for EYFS to be above national.